According to Mama Chris the CEO of Young Legacy Network. LLC (YLN),  although Y L N, LLC. is  a  culturally centered strategic business and leadership development company,  the consulting network is, in essence, a family affair that reflects the impressive Young/Thomas legacy and commitment to true African-Centered community development. 

Young Legacy Network is widely known as YLN, LLC. is a culturally centered strategic business and leadership development company. Our consulting network works with organizations, community groups, and schools, helping them ensure that their daily practices, policies, events, and activities are in line with the reality of those they serve. YLN also works with families and individuals, especially youth, to navigate conflicts such as bullying, lack of direction and family dysfunction, by identifying vocational, personal and professional development paths and providing advocacy and leadership building skills.


Through years of guidance from Mama Christine Thomas, YLN's astute CEO, our network has helped the transformation of many local, regional, and national social, civic, and faith-based organizations and educational institutions


Reliable                        Efficient         

Insightful                     Competent

Professional                Collaborative

Culture-Based            Servant Oriented

YLN utilizes effective use of technology and user-friendly tools

    such as:

Analyzing challenges

Facilitate brainstorming

Coalition building skills

Recruit/develop resources

On-site group assessments

Create networking opportunities

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